PET strap / Polyester Strap

PET Strapping is especially being designed in order to replace the steel strapping due to its highly cost non-toxic and highly cost efficient nature. It can save about 50% cost comparing steel strap. This kind of device is widely appreciated for producing varieties of straps of different sizes depending upon the requirements of our clients. PET strap is resistant to high impact shock and which means no matter how much adverse the conditions get; it will tolerate it with ease. Great jerks and falls during transportation and handling can be easily absorbed by our PET Strap manufactured out of Industrial packaging material and so, these would be able to secure the load more effectively without any damages to the products.

Benefits of PET strapping:

•    Saves cost, compared to Steel strapping
•    Light in weight
•    Heat sealable by manual/ automatic strapping tools
•    Elongates 5-10% to withstand stress and resists shock
•    Impervious to rust/ rot
•    Safer to use. No sharp edges, eliminates backlash

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