Sprinkler Irrigation System and its components

Whatever challenges you’re dealing with, from uniform irrigation of all crop types to frost protection, cooling or humidification, either in an open field, greenhouse or an orchard, our extensive sprinkler portfolio offers a wide range of different specifications and benefits. Our sprinklers are designed to address all your needs. Sprinkler irrigation system allows application of water under high pressure with the help of a pump. It releases water similar to rainfall through a small diameter nozzle placed in the pipes. Water is distributed through a system of pipes, sprayed into air and irrigates in most of the soil type due to wide range of discharge capacity. We offer a wide range of sprinklers and jets that deliver performance season after season with great yields, consistent quality and crop production efficiencies.

We also offer sprinkler irrigation’s components like all type of filters and valves, brass/plastic sprinkler, mini/micro sprinkler, all type of compression fittings and other accessories also.

•    Eliminates water conveyance channels, thereby reducing conveyance loss.
•    Suitable in all types of soil except heavy clay.
•    Water saving up to 30% - 50 %.
•    Suitable for irrigation where the plant population per unit area is very high.
•    Helps to increase yield.

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